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Some weeks ago I attended the presentation of a book at EOI business school, “Claves del Nuevo marketing” (which can be downloaded in pdf freely).

At the moment of writing this post I have not yet read the book, though it seemed quite interesting: Eighteen different authors just gathered to write different chapters on their area of expertise.

The conference itself was quite entertaining. Two of the authors were commenting their views on metrics and on viral marketing.

They quoted some articles, videos and examples that I want to quickly refer here:

  • Article from Marshall Sponder & Cecilia Pineda Feret in Customer Intelligence, discussing the possible entry of Google on Social Media monitoring and what could this mean.
  • On viral marketing it was interesting the questioning of whether it really reaches that many people. We tend to think so, but does it really do so? Check out this funny video (in Spanish).
  • Another very interesting video: “Redes Sociales – ¿Revolución o Moda?” (the video is in English, “Social Networks – Revolution or Fashion?).

I’m just referring to these topics as discussing them at length would need many different posts. I hope you enjoy them.

That day, EOI was distributing the latest issue of the marketing magazine “Yorokobu”. I will comment in a near future different things I read there (e.g. 94wines…).

One last thing I wanted to share with you: my Lego. I had seen advertisements about cartoonfying yourself, but I found this one in the Yorokobu magazine even funnier. This is as close as I could get to myself.

Lego of myself


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3 responses to “New marketing

  1. Luca

    hahahah.. the javi-lego is too funny! It really looks like you! 😀 I usually don’t ‘get’ viral marketing. I remember this one, that was kind of traumatic for the people involved:

    And this one, that was just plain stupid:

    Hmm.. I am seeing a car-theme here 😀

  2. Luca

    Hahaha.. I love the lego-you, it really looks like you!

    I usually do not ‘get’ viral marketing campaigns. I think the biggest risk is that you cannot really target the people that will see the campaign once it has gone viral. Yesterday there was this viral campaign in the NL where some publicity company put in the stands of the free news papers in quite a few major train stations 15.000 free ‘tabloids’ that only contained pictures of naked breasts; women without faces holding up their t-shirts. I can imagine this is a pleasant surprise for the people that the publicity company had in mind when they decided to execute this viral. But because it’s viral, it also ends up with people it never intended to reach (women, children, you know: about half the people using public transport). And then when I think of this meeting in which this was decided (“Yeah, and then this nicely dressed public worker in suit will open this paper and will see breasts and we will have made his day!”) and then compare it with the final result (crumpled breasts on the floor of the trains, people using the papers to clean coffee stains, etc.) there is only this lingering sense of failure and plain stupidity.

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