Impact of an AdWords campaign (cont.)

After my previous post was published, I had a conversation about it and received some comments. These made me think that it could be interesting to comment on the other 2 campaigns to gain more insight about how AdWords works and how useful it can or cannot be. First, let me share some data of the 3 campaigns:

  • Al Andalus club (Rota, Cadiz): had a cost of 29.68€ for 250 clicks, thus 0.12€ per click (CPC). It appeared in the screens 208,520 times. It used 72 words or combination of words, restricted to a circular area about 90km around Rota.
  • Standing Ovation club (Madrid): had a cost of 16.56€ for 59 clicks, thus 0.28€ per click (CPC). It appeared in the screens 166,291 times. It used 49 words or combination of words and was restricted to Madrid region.
  • Blog: had a cost of 51.96€ for 1,410 clicks, thus 0.04€ per click (CPC). It appeared in the screens 3,685,521 times. It used 41 words or combination of words and was not geographically restricted.

Even though I am not an expert in AdWords, from what I have experienced and as you can see above:

  • The more clicks it has the lower the price per click will be.
  • You may set a maximum amount of money you want to spend per day (I normally didn’t spend more than 1.5€ euro per day per campaign), this means that once that amount is reached your campaign is de-activated until the next day (ads won’t appear for some hours).
  • Using more words does not necessarily translate into more clicks. You need to find adequate words, related to the website, so it appears and appears high enough in the web. Also, some words are more expensive than others, though the price varies with the number of clicks.
  • The ads themselves need to be attractive, as it may appear many times but still needs to make people click on it. In that sense, the most successful one was that of Al Andalus (people clicked on it 0.12% of the times it appeared; 3 times more effective than the other 2 campaigns).
  • You need to focus the campaign in the segment you want to target. E.g., I first centered the area for Al Andalus campaign, until I found out that some clicks (consuming campaign money) came from Tanger and other Moroccan cities… I had to move the target area, as no one from Morocco would go to the club on a weekly basis.

I didn’t measure any kind of conversion rate as I am not selling anything through my blog nor could I check how many guests went to Al Andalus or Standing Ovation meetings thanks to ads (I was not attending those clubs); and that would be an extremely interesting indicator for any business.

Finally, my friend got the 75€ from a special offer from Google. In the Iberia in-flight magazine (“Ronda”), I have also seen some months ago codes for 50€ to be used in AdWords campaigns. So, be aware of possible next opportunities and give it a try (and you can always spend some little money as a learning experience – everything is very well explained inside AdWords tool).


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4 responses to “Impact of an AdWords campaign (cont.)

  1. Jesús Rodríguez Martínez

    I have seen some years ago (2003) how it works when you are selling something, the results were spectacular.
    I remember some clients calling to stop his campaign because the ran out of “items”.
    This was really good with small and big campaigns, the important thing is how you are able to focus your campaign with the different variables, specially with the localization, and with the terms segmentation.
    For example, if I want to rent cars in Valencia, to people from Germany, my campaign must appear in Germany, and if I have a huge budget, I want to appear with “rent a car”, but if my budget is smaller, I want to appear with “rent a car in Valencia” (but this terms probably just in German, or both, it depends again of my budget).

  2. Great work. I completely agree about fewer more relevant keywords and great ad copy. Another tip is that if you find you are reaching your daily budget cap early in the day (e.g. spending your 1.5€ by 1pm) then you can day part/ad schedule which means that you can only appear at certain times of day if you know that your business has more lucrative interest at certain times of day, e.g. evenings, you can target evenings and therefore not waste appearing at others time of the day and risk not showing in the evenings.

    • Thanks!

      I’m not an expert in the field and did this to learn a bit and I really enjoyed the experience. You added some more possibilities of the tool. Next time I want to play with it I’ll take a look at your blog, very interesting.

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