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San Silvestre 2010 (pics)

Last week I, together with 8 friends, ran the popular San Silvestre Vallecana as a farewell event for 2010 year.

The first time I took part in it was back in 1998. In the 1999 edition I ran together with my brother, that year we were less than 9,000 runners inscribed. This year there were 34,000 inscriptions available (though we did not inscribe ourselves). It took us 45 minutes to start running, by then the winner had finished long before (the winner finished in 29 minutes).

I believe that this has been the time have gathered more friends to run it; 9 of us. Also this year was different in that some of us were using Twitter till the last minute, smartphones to track the route, meters to check heart rate… quite a tech sport event.

The time: around 1h 5’ for 10km.

Enjoy the pictures:

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