Years of Living Dangerously

In the past weeks I wrote a couple of blog posts related to climate change: “The Age of Sustainable Development” (a review of an online course I took) and “Hot, Flat, and Crowded” (a book review). In April 2014, at the time I was finishing the course and reading the book, thanks to an old friend I got to know about the documentary television series “Years of Living Dangerously“.

The series focuses on climate change and counts with 9 chapters (though I got to see only one, as living in France I found no way to watch further chapters at that time, the first chapter is free in Youtube). Among the executive producers are James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The episodes feature scientists, journalists (Thomas Friedman), activists and several celebrities (Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba…).

The first chapter, “Dry Season”, discusses droughts in the USA, deforestation in Indonesia and the connection of a drought with civil unrest and civil war in Syria. The chapter features Harrison Ford and Tom Friedman, who is the author of the book I mentioned in the introduction, thus many of the topics he touched I had already read.

I recommend the watching of the series, at least this first chapter I saw (I’ll find the moment and way to watch others):

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