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10th anniversary of this blog

Ten years ago today, on the February 9th 2010, I started this blog. In the very first post. Since then, I have written over 670 articles.

For the first years I managed to write above 90 posts per year, or above 7 per month, but with the birth of the second child, job changes and other hobbies, in the last years I have struggled to write that much.

The main topics of the blog have been aviation, travelling, sports, book reviews…

Taking some words from a speech I gave in Toastmasters a few years ago about writing:

My friends and family suggested me to start a blog, and I gave it a try. At the beginning I mainly wrote about aerospace, about investing, then more about travelling, books, sports, personal experiences. […]

What is the main use I find in having a blog? I use it to reflect on some topics that I approach, forcing myself to research about them. To structure my thoughts. I use for record keeping. In the blog I keep a log of some of the routes I fly, or all the races I run, with the date, time, position… or a short description of the books I read. Today, there are very many situations in which I find myself talking about something and I say, “wait, I once read about this, or visited that… and wrote about it in the blog”. I look quickly for it and share it. It adds to the conversation.

Here’s to many more years of blogging!


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