A400M and B787 static tests

Airbus Military completed on July 22nd in Getafe (Spain) one of the most extreme cases of its A400M structural tests: the maximum wing up bending until reaching the ultimate load, defined as 150% the most extreme load the plane is expected to experience while in service.

Some months ago, another development aircraft the Boeing 787 achieved the same.

Even though, the loads that A400M will experience in service will be higher than those that the 787 will face and thus the ones tested in each case were consequently different, see the difference in the flexion of each wing.

As engineers working in military developments will never be tired of explaining: a military aircraft is a completely different animal, not just a civil one painted in military camouflage.


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2 responses to “A400M and B787 static tests

  1. Abraham

    I think that tomorrow you will be tested…mmmm, no, your waist will be tested by me, and my skins…my fantastic and wonderful skins. Please close your legs.

    A330 forever, there,s no plane more elegant and beautiful than A330.

  2. Alvaro

    Nice post.
    Surprising stiffness!! Wing team has done a great job!!
    This A400M is a great aircraft. I can’t wait to see it painted in camouflage scheme, climbing Seville sky.

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