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My Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

A couple of days ago, a friend, Alvaro, nominated me for the famous Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS (or ELA in Spanish). In this post I wanted to share the following video [in Spanish] with my subsequent challenge:

In summary,

  1. I contributed to the cause by making a donation to the Spanish foundation FUNDELA (Fundación Española para el Fomento de la Investigación de la Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica),
  2. I then dedicated my 30-kilometre running training session of today to the cause,
  3. After the training, I poured the so-called ice bucket, and
  4. I nominated my marathon buddies to complete the challenge, Jose Serna, my brother Jaime, Manu Vidal and Juan Hurtado.

See the below the home site of FUNDELA, as you can see making a contribution is going to take you no more than 1 mouse click:

FUNDELA foundation website.

FUNDELA foundation website.

See below the data recorded by my Garmin GPS-watch of the running training session I dedicated to the cause:

My 30km Ice Bucket Challenge run.

My 30km Ice Bucket Challenge run.

NOTE: If you feel already in the mood of contributing to charities, NGOs, etc., please, check out this other blog post with the other organizations that I am supporting in this year 2014.


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