Meet my avatar

Time ago I already introduced you to my Lego. Some weeks ago during a Gol flight in Brazil I was reading through the in-flight magazine when I found an article that talked about Meez among other things.

I was just playing with it little bit. Please, meet my avatar, “Javier in casual Friday” (just if I wore casual on Fridays…).

Meez 3D avatar avatars games


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5 responses to “Meet my avatar

  1. Chuso

    Your Lego is more accurate to the reality!! 😉

  2. Jaime

    Definitely, the Lego one matches, not this!

  3. Luca

    I think Lego reflects your character better 😀 I think it’s the shoulders that should be broader in the Meez and I’m missing the scowl that goes with the stubble!

  4. David

    Not unless you are Pepe Viyuela.

  5. I see the general opinion is more in favour of the Lego… there will be more to come.

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