Writing without using “e”

About a month ago I said that on occasions you would find a post which original motivation would link to Plinky; a portal that throws away thoughts for blog posts… this is a post of that kind.

Plinky, calls for writing a small story of 100 words without using a non-consonant you saw in an old post that was just most common in this linguistic communication I am using in my blog. Now, I am at about four fifths of finishing this task; I just lack two strings of words to bring this post to a final and assuaging: This was tough!

… off to a following post :-).


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3 responses to “Writing without using “e”

  1. Luca

    woohoo! you mad it!

  2. You made it… with bad grammar:”…that was just most common…”

    I don’t think you can use a superlative without “the”.
    “It always has the definite article…” (

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