La prairie des Filtres

Today, I found in the mailbox the first issue of The Economist to arrive at my new place. I took it and went for a walk to read it in a park by the river.

The park I went to is called “La prairie des Filtres”, named after the infiltration galleries used to purify muddy water pumped from the river Garonne, cleaned and brought up to the water tower of Toulouse. The system was first established back in 1821.

This park was also the place that served as the first field for the rugby matches of the Stade Toulousain, the local team which happens to be the most laureate club in France and Europe (having won 4 European Cups, more than any other club). The team now plays sometimes at the Stadium of Toulouse, just across the river, though most of the times plays at the Ernest Wallon stadium at the other side of the city. I guess I’ll have to pay a visit to one of its matches.

Now… the park is where I read the paper and run by the riverside…

Enjoy the pictures:

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4 responses to “La prairie des Filtres

  1. When I am watching those pics, it comes to my mind those comments between Dad&You trying to define what would be the definition of “quality of life”. Well i think dear brother you’ve found it: Toulouse-small city where you can walk around and do normal life, take walks around the river, etc.

  2. David

    Se ve que los tolosanos no lo encuentran to’ lo sano que tú porque no se ve ni uno.

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