Our son is born!

Some months ago we announced that we were expecting a second baby, today we proudly announce that last Sunday, 3rd April 2016, at 23:11, our son was born in Toulouse.

The delivery went smoother than the previous time (her mother’s words) and both Luca and the child enjoy good health at the moment, recovering in the clinique.

Looking forward to introduce him.

His sister, Andrea, looking forward to introduce him to the world.

David, the newcomer (design from uncle Jaime).

David, the newcomer (design from uncle Jaime).

David weighed 3,620 grams at birth and measured 51cm tall.

Little David, inscribed on Monday in the Toulouse registry as David Irastorza van Veen (1), seems to have light grey/blue eyes, looks like a good navigator to fly with at the side and asked us to thank you all for the interest and good wishes, and said that is looking forward to meeting you in the following days, weeks, months and years.

(1) To be inscribed in the Spanish registry in due time, Consulate time…


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5 responses to “Our son is born!

  1. Ramiro Rivero

    Mil felicidades a los orgullosos padres!!

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