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My baptism on a Junkers Ju 52 at La Ferté Alais 2016 (video)

Last May, we had to travel by car from Toulouse to Paris. We took the opportunity to make some stop overs along the route, one of them at Cerny, a small village in the department of Essonne where the aerodrome “La Ferté Alais” is located. There, every month of May since over 40 years ago, the association L’Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis organizes an air show dedicated to old aircraft with an impressive static and dynamic display.

The air show in itself deserves a dedicated post which I will leave for another moment, as in this post I mainly wanted to share the video of my baptism on a Junkers Ju 52ju-52The aircraft in itself is iconic, mainly for its corrugated duraluminium skin. Over 4,000 airplanes of its different variants were built in Germany, France and Spain between 1931 and 1952. Only 8 remain airworthy today, 4 of them are operated by the Swiss company Ju Air. Ju Air brought its Ju 52/3m g4e registered HB-HOS to the air show “Le Temps des Helices” at La Ferté Alais to take part in the dynamic display and to give baptisms to aficionados, at a price of 180 euros per passenger.

When we got to know that we would attend the show I did not hesitate, I booked a place onboard the aircraft as soon as I could.

The flight lasted for about 40 minutes. We departed from Cerny and flew towards Fontainebleu, where we flew over the famous château. Find below an edited video I have made with the different clips and pictures I took in that flight.

Of the 17 passengers that we flew at that time, I believe only one made use of the headphones provided, the rest wanted to hear the roaring of those engines, therefore I left the sound unedited and I didn’t add any music to it; I wanted to leave audible the sound of the 3 engines.

I will leave for another post to provide further information and historical anecdotes of the Junkers Ju 52, as right after that flight I read a book by a former employee of CASA about it “El Junkers JU/52 3m CASA C.352. El avión y su historia” and I believe I will soon write a review of that book.

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