Model of an airport

When I was in primary school I used to have a friend who had an impressive train model layout at home. Soon after, my parents gave me some very nice models that I still keep, though I do not play with them anymore and never continued to grow the layout nor purchased more train models.

Since I joined EADS I began collecting a few static models of aircraft: first an A380, then a Beluga, an A340-600, 2 A400M… Each time I stop at Schiphol airport with enough spare time I pay a visit to the model shop over there, so do I to Airbus online shop

"Static" aircraft model collection at home... as of today.

However, few days ago, I found via Twitter a post in a blog that contained the following video of a model of an airport in Miniatur-Wonderland, Hamburg:

… if I take on this hobby it could be the beginning of my own end! What it’s sure is that whenever I go to Hamburg I’ll pay a visit to the place.


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2 responses to “Model of an airport

  1. Juan

    Visto hoy en la cantina. ¿Incestuosa decías?

  2. Bueno, este es un modelo que de hecho yo me quiero comprar (otra escala más barata quizás).

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