Dear readers, I am pregnant!

Well, to be precise, it is Luca who is expecting a baby!

Stork bringing the baby to Toulouse (design by Jaime, future uncle).

Stork bringing the baby to Toulouse (design by Jaime, future uncle) (1).

If everything goes well, junior will enter into service by the beginning of August (I cannot guarantee that there won’t be delays…). Engineering and Programme Management (I) have done their job, now it’s up to Industrial and Delivery Centre (Luca) to complete the project (we swear that Procurement was not involved!).


(1) Clarification for those not coming from Spain: the tradition there says that children are not only brought by a stork, but also that it brings them from Paris.

(2) We accept suggestions for the name, both female and male. Even more, we’re even thinking of setting up a contest; but please suggest a name only if you think it can top “Javier”.

(3) For those worried about the legal framework surrounding the coming child: we are already PACSed AND engaged


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25 responses to “Pregnant

  1. ana plaza

    Congrats guys! I am really happy for you 🙂 and Ana is a wonderful name 😉 you can pronounce it in every language and country 😛

  2. Jose

    ENHORABUENA PAREJA, qué noticia tan buena. Jose puede ser un buen nombre (si es niño). Millones de besos para Luca.

  3. anatta

    Very best wishes.

  4. Congratulations, couple! Looking forward to the Project (is it a Project or a Programme) Progress Reports! 🙂

  5. Indalecio Carbonell

    Congratulations! And nice way to announce the good news by the way. 🙂

  6. Javier Mediavilla Ezquibela

    Según Zurine, “Clemente” es el mejor nombre de pila que puede seguir a “Javier” para formar un nombre compuesto…
    pero llamar a alguien “Javier Clemente” es condenarlo a la polémica de por vida >:)

  7. mmmathieu

    Robin, cockpitmate, Robin…
    My best congrats!

  8. Reme

    I am very glad for you! As a name, I would suggest Clara or Sofia,if you have a girl, or Simon if you have a boy. They are easy to translate, easy to pronounce in most European languages… Javier, time flies!!! You already with a baby! Congratulations!

  9. Roger

    Congratulations. One thing to ponder is that there is an unbroken chain of reproduction going back 4 *billion* years. (The miracle is really people who do not have children and break that chain rather than those who continue 4 billion years of precedent 🙂

    • Thanks! Indeed. Somewhere I read (I believe it was in this book: about the concept of life more into genes which find a way to keep going on via species and beings, than about the beings themselves… it had an interesting concept of how different species had different mixes of more or less offspring in relation to less or more chances of child survival. The mix would be suited to just allow for the genes to keep going generation after generation… (for 4 billion years!)

  10. Congratulations to you and Luca!!! Wonderful news, Javier.

  11. Teresa

    Pues Lucas o Luca 😉

    Bueno, ahora en serio Ines o Matías.


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