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Dear readers, I am pregnant!

Well, to be precise, it is Luca who is expecting a baby!

Stork bringing the baby to Toulouse (design by Jaime, future uncle).

Stork bringing the baby to Toulouse (design by Jaime, future uncle) (1).

If everything goes well, junior will enter into service by the beginning of August (I cannot guarantee that there won’t be delays…). Engineering and Programme Management (I) have done their job, now it’s up to Industrial and Delivery Centre (Luca) to complete the project (we swear that Procurement was not involved!).


(1) Clarification for those not coming from Spain: the tradition there says that children are not only brought by a stork, but also that it brings them from Paris.

(2) We accept suggestions for the name, both female and male. Even more, we’re even thinking of setting up a contest; but please suggest a name only if you think it can top “Javier”.

(3) For those worried about the legal framework surrounding the coming child: we are already PACSed AND engaged


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