The most (and least) read of the first 500 posts

A classic post of the blog: a recap at each hundredth post dedicated to show which were the most and least read of the first 500 posts. (1)

Since I started the blog in February 2010, the blog has received over 207,000 visits and hundreds of comments.

Find below the list of the top 10 and bottom 10 posts:

1. Impuestos en Francia vs. España
2. Will Boeing 787 ever break-even?
3. Mi adiós a Ibercaja
4. 787 Break Even for Dummies
5. Monaco GP Walking Tour
6. Impuestos en Francia vs. España (actualización 2012)
7. Airbus vs. Boeing, comparison of market forecasts (2012)
8. Beluga vs. Dreamlifter
9. Patek Philippe Caliber 89
10. Airbus vs. Boeing, comparison of market forecasts (2011)

490. Resist the bias to act
491. Bill Clinton endorsing Kiva (video)
492. Risk
493. Europe Day
494. Nothing like a good red wine…
495. What charities do you support?
496. Bye, Vistalegre
497. Boulevards de Colomiers 2014
498. Special assistance vs. free ride
499. Wells Fargo History Museum at San Francisco

Let’s see what I’ll write in the next 100 posts…

(1) I wrote four such posts when I reached the first 100200300 and 400 posts in the blog.

NOTE: the box in the right showing “Current Top Posts” shows the most read ones in the last two days, not the all-time most read ones (the ones above).

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