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Wine app (technology entrepreneurship)

If yesterday, I shared with you a video I made for a course on creativity, today I wanted to share: Wine app.

Some of you have already heard about it: another course I am taking from Stanford University Venture Lab is “Technology Entrepreneurship” (taught by Chuck Eesley). As part of it, we have been teaming in groups. In each of the groups we are studying the viability of some product or service. In our case: a wine app.

You may see a presentation with the features we have in mind.

As part of the project we are carrying a survey, which many of you¬†already¬†received and quite some of you have answered (a big thanks!). If you haven’t, please take 3 minutes to help us with it.

I will keep you updated. Especially if we do come up with such an app :-).

This is the second season of this online course in Venture Lab. If you are only interested in the content of the lectures and not so much in learning process of working on the assignments, you may find the collection of videos here.

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