What is the price of an A380?

Yesterday, it appeared in Flight International website, an article in which the price of an A380 was unveiled. Generally, aircraft real prices are never disclosed, that is why that was news. What it is normally published is the list prices for the different aircraft (here you may see Boeing’s list).

The article disclosed the price for an A380 acquired by Nimrod Capital LLC, which is to lease it to Emirates. The price: 234m$. Since the list price for the A380 is 375m$, that means it was purchased with a 38% discount, as the article says.

For obvious reasons, I will not comment on Airbus prices (*). Here, I just wanted to mention that, using a quite detailed approach, some time ago, I calculated which were Boeing’s discounts. I explained everything in a post.

I used the number of aircraft delivered per year, the net orders per year, all for a period of three consecutive years, and matched the list prices versus the revenues recognised in the yearly income statement published by the company in each of those years… I figured out which was the discount that minimized errors for the period of three years. Guess what was the result I came up with: 38% for the period 2007-2009 and 39% for the period 2008-2010.

(*) Disclaimer: I have never worked in anything related to aircraft pricing, sales or marketing in Airbus. Thus, I have no insider clue about its prices.

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