First Take-Off

The 17th of December will always be an important day in the history of aviation for the following 2 reasons:

  1. The 17th of December 1903, Orville Wright performed the first flight aboard their Flyer I,
  2. Today, 17th December 2011, I made my first take-off aboard a Robin DR-400-120 :-).

As part of my training towards obtaining the PPL licence, today we performed the 5th flight, the first in which I was fully at the controls during take-off.

My colleague, Miguel, took the following video:

You may see the route we followed from Graulhet (LFCQ) to Toulouse-Lasbordes (LFCL) aboard the Robin DR-42 (F-GORM), as I recorded it with my Garmin GPS:

Flight route: LFCQ - LFCL


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4 responses to “First Take-Off

  1. Enhorabuena!!!!!

    Le tengo muchas ganas a hacer un curso de vuelo… coste aproximado?
    Tengo la licencia médica, que ya es un pequeño primer paso 🙂

    • Gracias :-), aunque esto es solo el principio.
      Coste: unas 45-50 horas de vuelo (a 120-150€/FH dependiendo del avión) salen a unos 6,000€ + ~250€ de “picos, palas y azadones” (licencia médica, federativa, seguro…)…

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